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Storm Restoration

construction_three_gjDespite all of our advances in technology, we have yet to find a way to protect our properties from Mother Nature. Every year severe storms cause billions of dollars of property damage across the United States. G&J Development Inc. is your nationwide Storm Restoration Specialists. G&J Developments Inc. offers commercial restoration as well residential restoration through Exhilarating Building and Design LLC.
G&J Development Inc. and Exhilarating Building and Design LLC offers:

  • FREE Roof Inspections!
  • FREE Water Removal Estimates.
  • Institute of Inspection, Cleaning Certified Technician
  • Tree Removals.
  • Deductible Assistance Available.
  • Fully insured and bonded.
  • We specialize in ALL phases of Storm Restoration.
  • -Remove and Replacing Roofing Systems.
  • -Water Restoration.
  • -Complete rebuilds using G&J Developments Design/Build method for quick, quality restoration.
  • We work with ALL Insurance Companies!
  • All estimates provided by

Garett Cunningham, President/CEO of G&J Development Inc., a twenty three year construction veteran had an opportunity to tour the aftermath of the series of hurricanes that struck along the Texas coastline in 2008. The tactics that he saw being used by other contractors deeply disturbed him; this is when he dedicated staff to solely handle storm restoration projects.

G&J Development is a nationwide general contractor, this enables us to meet any challenge Mother Nature may toss at us. G&J Development is also registered with the Federal Emergency Management Agency Central Contractor Registry (CCR). Because of this and are ability to be mobile at a moments notice; G&J Development should be part of all Storm Restoration/Emergency Plans.

G&J Development tracks weather forecast and plans strategy for quickly mobilizing staffing and materials to gear up for a storm response.

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